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26 December 2013 @ 08:44 pm
bibbity bop, flippity flap  
hello, lovelies! making this post to say that I hope you all had and are continuing to have an enjoyable holiday season, and that the new year ahead goes well for you all.

shout-out to skypirateb, erethesunrises, and thalia_csiny who all sent me lovely Christmas cards once again this year. because I am a disorganized young lady, I failed to reciprocate in a timely fashion, but you guys can expect cards by early January if all goes well!

ps -- reminder that the rachel/nico holiday challenge is still going on at rachel_nico, and will be going on until Janurary 10th.

now I shall go back to crying over my financial problems and nursing my weird new obsession with Richard III. I expect to be judged for this by Anya in particular, that dirty Jeffersonian.