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wore black to the red wedding

party like it's 1666

24 January
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30 rock, 39 clues, a midsummer nights dream, actors, american horror story, annabeth chase, anne bronte, anubis, arctic monkeys, art, art history, authors, autumn, barack obama, being inappropriate, benedict cumberbatch, books, bronte sisters, charlotte bronte, chloe/derek, chris pine, christoph waltz, clothing, community, creeping, cursing, darkest powers, democrats, dexter, diane kruger, dionysus, directors, doctor who, dr pepper, easy a, education, edward norton, egypt, egyptian mythology, emily bronte, emma stone, entwined, europe, fall, fanfiction, fashion, fictional characters, fifa world cup, fight club, film studies, films, french, game of thrones, germany, girls hbo, greece, greek mythology, hades, hades/persephone, hamlet, hamlet 2, harry potter, hating fox news, heroes of olympus, history, inglourious basterds, interesting people, italian, italy, jane austen, jane eyre, jon stewart, kane chronicles, kristen bell, lana del rey, laughing, learning, liberals, lord of the rings, love, lupin/tonks, machiavelli, maria di angelo, marie antoinette, marina & the diamonds, michael fassbender, music, new york city, nico di angelo, nico/rachel, nurse jackie, nyc, once upon a time, percy jackson, persephone, photography, politics, pretty things, pride & prejudice, quentin tarantino, rachel elizabeth dare, rain, ranting, reading, regency england, remus lupin, renaissance, renaissance italy, rick riordan, robert carlyle, romance, rumbelle, rumpelstiltskin/belle, rumplestiltskin, sadie/anubis, set, shakespeare in love, sherlock, sherman alexie, snow, spanish, star trek, star wars, stephen colbert, teaching, the beatles, the infernal devices, the mortal instruments, the office, the princess bride, the princess diaries, the rolling stones, the tudors, thunderstorms, tim roth, traveling, trinity college, true blood, tudor england, twelfth night, vampire academy, walking, weeds, william shakespeare, winter, wizards, writing, x-men, young adult novels, zachary quinto